Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center Laboratory marking 55 years of continuous CAP accreditation

  • 21-MAR-2019


NORTHFIELD, Illinois — The staff at Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center laboratory and the organization’s administration understand that patients are priority one, and it has been that way since earning its first CAP accreditation more than 55 years ago.

While going through the midterm self-assessment evaluation and preparation for its next CAP inspection, the laboratory staff members realized it would mark its 55th anniversary of being a CAP-accredited laboratory—a perfect time to reflect on the continuous pride of their achievement. Nabil Al-Annouf, MD, MBA, FCAP, chair of the Department of Pathology, says, “The CAP, as our trade organization and accrediting body, is important to our staff members because it gives them assurance that their contribution to patient care meets the highest standard at every level, beginning with accuracy, precision, and timeliness and ending with compassion, courtesy, and respect.”

The CAP’s laboratory quality solutions, including accreditation, proficiency testing, and other programs, assist laboratories in performing their best for patients and clinical colleagues. As such, Dr. Al-Annouf points to the CAP’s contribution to improving cancer management which he says is extremely significant in an era of rapid advancement of new therapeutic agents, diagnostic tools, and prognostic and therapeutic molecular markers.

In cancer patient management, the pathologist’s expertise sets the plan in motion for an appropriate treatment pathway. The surgeon’s and oncologist’s course of action depend on the pathologist’s input: A correct diagnosis with accurate staging and incorporation of appropriate molecular and cytogenetic studies for the patient’s disease. Dr. Al-Annouf points to the CAP Cancer Protocols and the electronic Cancer Checklists, as both these tools help to greatly improve and streamline the pathologist’s reporting format. “On numerous occasions,” says Dr. Al-Annouf, “I would review the rigorous checklist items one at a time with my surgical and oncology colleagues to tailor the appropriate management to achieve better outcomes. CAP accreditation means having the tools to provide excellent quality care for all our patients.” 

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